1″ EcoRain America Drainage Cell

A perfect solution for a sub soil drainage application

EcoRain America® Drainage Cell provides a perfect solution for a sub soil drainage application for Sport Fields, planet boxes, Roof Garden, etc. The 1″ thick EcoRain America® Drainage Cells provides a uniform surface as well as an internal void space for effective draining of excess water in vertical or horizontal applications.

The EcoRain America® 1″ Drainage Cells is made from recycled or VIRGIN Polypropylene that is inert to soil borne chemicals and bacteria. These cells have a shallow and effective drainage profile and ensures landscapers can make full use of mature plants on roof gardens that needs soil depth and water retention properties.

The 1″ EcoRain® America Drainage cell system has a unique octagonal design structure which provides water retention for passive irrigation and helps building a perch water table in the above soil profile for the vegetation to flourish in prolonged dry periods.

System Benefits

  • 4-5 Times more permeable than gravel drainage layer.
  • Very high compressive load carrying capacity tested to 453 pounds/sq yd.
  • Very high horizontal and vertical flow capacity due to its unique three dimensional design.
  • Only removes excess water in Green roofs, planter boxes, sportfields.
  • Maintains actual void size for effective drainage after backfill & compaction.
  • Easy cut to suit as it comes in single pieces or factory pre-clipped panels of 1.00 x 1.2 meters.
  • Light weight +/- 5.5 pounds/sq yd compared to 550 + pounds/sq yd of gravel for the same effective drainage and can reduce slab loads.
  • Creates a true void space between wall/slab and the backfill, creates a perch water table, providing air flow for ideal moist conditions for plant growth.
  • Hydrostatic pressure upon sub-grade walls is greatly reduce.
  • Easy to store and install as it comes in pre-clipped panels of 3.2″ by 3.93″.
  • Environmentally friendly made from selected recycled polypropylene
  • Also available in virgin PP if required.
  • It is the most efficient artificial aquifer as it recharges groundwater table through infiltration when used on natural ground surfaces.
  • There is no need for use of heavy machinery or skilled labor as it is light and simple to handle and install.