The Navajo Nation has chosen EcoRain America Tanks to harvest rain water from the roofs of Rough Rock Community School. Always a leader, Rough Rock – Tse Ch’zhi – was built in 1966 as the first community-run school in the U.S. The School and the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs have chosen EcoRain America Tanks for the first cisterns in the area to provide 100% irrigation needs.

  • Two 32,000 gallon cisterns designed to supply 100% irrigation water via pumps and drip systems. When rainwater supply runs low—the Tanks fill with potable water.
  • LEED Silver Certification pending approval.
  • 100% recycled polypropylene materials.
  • EcoRain America Tanks are wrapped with Geotextile material & placed on top and sides with sand, inside a liner to filterwater.
  • Local General Contractor Warner’s Landscape Company hired and worked with local Native Americans who builtand operate the Cisterns.