A private school located in the woodlands of Ross, CA showed innovation by installing two green roofs on the new cafeteria/lounge building for students.

Planted with native annuals and perennials, the roofs do not require irrigation. By covering the roof sections with an aerated layer of 1” (25 mm) Drainage Cells and soil/plant cover, the rooms below maintain a more even temperature.

  • Installed during the summer of 2009.
  • Two sections totaling over 3,000 square feet of ER-301 1” (25 mm) Drainage Cells.
  • Instead of using an expensive green roof system, the designer specified the use of EcoRain Drainage Cells as the under drain, with a free-flowing soil mix.
  • The roof was waterproofed, then a layer of 1” (25 mm) Drainage Cells laid with a layer of Geotextile fabric over the top and tucked around the ends of the Cells. After which the sandy soil mix was spread and seeded just before the rainy season.
  • George’s Landscaping Inc. installed the green roofs.